Model. Something or someone who serves as a source of inspiration to artists or to be imitated. Behavioral norm or rule. Example.
Our models have changed. It is time for us to change too.
We are a modeling agency that has reconfigured itself to embrace identities and purposes. We represent artists, performers, creators, talents, pluralist people.
We have decided to go beyond the hanger in fashion.
Now we are also content.
We are the connection between who does and who wants to do.
A network that creates and solves fashion projects regardless of their formats.
We have got tired of what comes from top to bottom. We want to close the cycle.
No more pyramid shape.

Nice to meet you, ARO.


In 2013, Claudio Mignoni, a designer from Rio Grande do Sul, created Fun Models Management to be a modeling agency that would enhance career development work. The agency focused on large national and international projection, but with a personal touch on development and a thorough look at each profile. Located in Porto Alegre and yet aligned with the main trends in the world market, Fun soon earned recognition from major players in the industry, standing out in works with Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and other maisons, in addition to major global fashion publications, such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar.

After years of working in the modeling market, 2018 was the year to take this experience even further. The agency underwent a repositioning of identity and business in the market, thus, becoming ARO. Casting continues even more stimulated by the diversity of profiles, but now the team expands to embrace fashion projects from end to end as well. Thus, ARO implements a new work system, bringing together career monitoring and the design of fashion projects, as well as specialized consulting. The agency’s creative sector is now operating strategically, researching on design and trends to focus on complete results for each project executed.

In 2019, the changes take shape. This year, ARO is opening a branch in Florianópolis to better serve the state of Santa Catarina, region with booming fashion market. This is also the moment of expansion of the AROKids department, boosting the work with children’s casting. The creative sector is AROLab, a special projects laboratory focused on the fashion and beauty sector which is based on the strategic design methodology. It now acts as a consultancy and as a hub for professionals and authorial content.


Claudio Mignoni

Designer graduated by Unisinos with specialization in Strategic Design, he is the creator and director of ARO-MM. With extensive experience in national and international booking, he has designed models for the world’s leading fashion weeks and magazines. As a speaker, he has given talks to hundreds of people in several events. Ariano convinced, he is super energetic and dynamic and he is always excited about news, whether visiting other cultures or generating new projects no matter where it is needed. He is passionate about discovering and honing new talents and connecting all kind of people. He also acts as a consultant for artistic and fashion companies. In his spare time, he specializes in Björk and amateur yogi.

Maurício Ramos

Graduated in Fashion Design at ESAD, College of Arts and Design, studied Fashion Design and Innovation at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. With more than 10 years of experience, he has in his portfolio jobs for major companies like Spirito Santo, Arezzo&co, Cirque du Soleil, DublinTown, Eamonn McGill Design; and others. Maurício played different roles in the industry like research and development of product, costume assistant, fashion producer and designer.

Curious about human behavior, he’s very instigated by the modern society changes and loves to travel! During his more than 4 years of living in the European continent, has worked in the production of 2 fashion weeks(Ireland and Portugal), what provided him a extreme rich cultural immersion in the fashion marked of those countries.

With the Portfolio Experience project he shares his knowledge acquired with his studies and wanderings by the world given lectures, talks and classes around Brasil and Portugal.

At ARO-MM he works as nacional booker, adding all of his years of experience in the fashion industry to develop talents and relevant experiences to the market.

Frances Rocha

Fashion Design student at ESPM-Sul, she had contact with different parts of the fashion industry but also explored other areas along the way. Frances studied Social Sciences at UFRGS for two years before entering the fashion course. After choosing design as a career path, she worked as a photographer at Co.De foto, ESPM’s junior company, acquiring an experience within the photographic studio and great interest in photography.

She worked as an intern for almost two years at a women’s tailoring brand called Was, in which she had contact with the entire product development process and also with the company’s marketing planning. In addition to her internships, she studied the process of developing fashion collections and the visual representation of fashion at the Parsons design school.

Frances is a dancer since childhood, she has great interest in communication through dancing and in the study of the body that this artistic path provides, nowadays she uses this knowledge of the body into photography. She’s interested in pursuing a career in fashion photography but also builds a portfolio focused on experimental photography, both analog and digital.


ARO-MM national booker, Dai holds a degree in Public Relations from Feevale. And it couldn’t be any different: she loves to communicate with people. Quality that she developed even more for over 15 years as a model. And she liked the job so much that she became a booker! Active in the market for the last 7 years, she has been through the main agencies of the south of the country. Passionate about photography, art, music and fashion, she mixes all areas and uses as a reference in her work. Outside Brazil, she has even developed scenarios for fashion weeks such as Berlin FW. No wonder, always seeks new experiences to continue growing personally and professionally.